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Hi, I'm using the simple pick and place application from "pr2_tabletop_manipulation_apps/Tutorials/Writing a Simple Pick and Place Application" to experiment with the pick and place actions. So far the tutorial works after a few adjustments to the code. For example I can pick up an object and place it 30cm to the right of the pickup location. But when I try to place it in the exact same location where it was picked up I always get a "Place failed with error code -1" error, which means the location is unfeasible.

I already tried resetting the collsion map via the collider node and tabletop_collision_map_processing but for no avail.

I still think that this is a collision problem that makes the place location unfeasible but I'm not sure where and how the PlaceAction get the collsion map that is used when planning the place approach that results in an unfeasible ManipulationResult.

I'm running ROS Fuerte on Ubuntu 12.04 x64.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or a solution.

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