Pick and place - All supplied grasps failed

asked 2015-06-15 10:26:56 -0600

TkrA gravatar image

After editind the calvin_pick_n_place sample code taken from here: calvin_pick_n_place I edited it to fit to my robot, i get the following error message:

[ WARN] [1434379985.286830973]: All supplied grasps failed. Retrying last grasp in verbose mode.

Re-added last failed plan for pipeline 'pick'. Queue is now of size 1
[ INFO] [1434379985.301709750]: IK failed
[ INFO] [1434379985.315278096]: IK failed
[ INFO] [1434379985.329729096]: IK failed
[ INFO] [1434379985.329869337]: Sampler failed to produce a state
[ INFO] [1434379985.330069502]: Manipulation plan 23 failed at stage 'reachable & valid pose filter' on thread 3
[ INFO] [1434379985.330713788]: Pickup planning completed after 1.288632 seconds

Please help me, what could be done here?

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