Is it possible to communicate ROS1 machines using ROS2+ROS1_bridge?

asked 2021-03-26 09:56:56 -0500

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We have three robots that share navigation goals and need to communicate. They are in the same network domain and the navigation application is developed in ROS melodic. Previously, we used the multimaster_fkie package to share topics point to point between pairs of robots.

Taking advantage of ROS2 capabilities of communication among nodes in different machines, we would like to get ride of the multimaster package and combine ROS1 and ROS2 using ROS1_bridge in each robot. The ROS2 nodes will read/write to local ROS1 topics and at the same time, will provide new ROS2 topics (passthroughs) to allow for inter robot communication.

Is that possible? is there another option to remove the multimaster package? we are using ROS2 eloquent (Ubuntu 18).

Thanks in advance,

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