Gazebo loads slowly with around 500 objects in world [closed]

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I have a world file that has a large number of objects (>500) in particular poses. The model I created for these objects (they are all the same) is static, so they should just be fixed in space and only providing collision geometry to gazebo.

I am including these objects in the world file like this (and you can probably guess what the overall pattern is):

<pose> 1.5151875 1.29227101498 0.154424735785 1.57079632679 -0.261799387799 -1.57079632679 </pose>

They seem to behave correctly (eventually all the objects appear in the right places), but as the number of objects increases gazebo takes longer and longer to start up. The GUI opens, but the world does not appear for several minutes, while gazebo takes up a CPU core doing something. I suppose I could just wait, but it seems unnecessary to take a break every time I start gazebo.

Is there a workaround to make loading faster? Or is this an algorithmic limitation in how Gazebo is handling this collision geometry somehow (and if so, can someone comment on where this problem might be, and how to word a bug report)?


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Hello, a couple of clarifying questions. What type of graphics card are you using and what processor does your machine run? Also, does the same thing happen when you run gazebo without the GUI? Also, what version of gazebo are you using?

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