Arm Navigation Stack Not Planning Collision-free Trajectories [closed]

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I'm using the ROS arm navigation stack on a custom robot, and I will sometimes get trajectories that cause my arm to collide with obstacles in the environment. Anyone have any idea as to why?


  • Running collider for a collision map, with a Kinect camera as the data source. Collision map is published to /collision_map_occ, and appears properly in rviz
  • OMPL planning has use_monitor and use_collision_map set to true. I have confirmed in rxgraph that environment_server is subscribed to /collision_map_occ from collider.
  • All of my arm links and my gripper link have collision meshes set, and when the collisions occur, I can see them intersecting my collision map in rviz
  • The collisions are with the surface of a table that has been detected using tabletop_object_segmentation and inserted into the collision environment by tabletop_collision_map_processing. Not sure if this matters.
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