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Header file for obtaining data from Kinect for Point Cloud data.

asked 2013-03-27 01:39:40 -0500

Devasena Inupakutika gravatar image

updated 2016-10-24 09:03:24 -0500

ngrennan gravatar image

I am unable to find openni_grabber.h file in pcl/io folder. Do I need openni_grabber.h or grabber.h is enough for obtaining data from Kinect ? And also can anyone help me on functioning of pcd_io.h. Please post any proper documentation site or any site where it has been used.

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answered 2013-03-28 06:20:53 -0500

Philip gravatar image

To answer the second question: The PCL homepage is a good starting point for everything PCL-related, including tutorials and the documentation of the io-module.

To integrate a kinect in ROS: have you tried setting it up using the openni_camera stack? The published topics can then easily be subscribed to and accessed using PCL (see PCL ROS overview).

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