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hi friends,

While launching rviz it's showing error like

[ INFO] [1363170647.928811972]: Loading general config from [/home/srikanth/.rviz/config]
Segmentation fault

please tell me the procedure to come out .

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Have you tried renaming the mentioned config file (to something like config_backup)? Maybe something in the config is broken and thus prevents rviz from starting.

Ben_S gravatar image Ben_S  ( 2013-03-13 00:41:57 -0600 )edit

Or even rename the whole .rviz directory.

dornhege gravatar image dornhege  ( 2013-03-13 01:21:01 -0600 )edit

Segmentation fault may also be due to your display card. If you are using nvidia card you should update the driver: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current

Chik gravatar image Chik  ( 2013-03-13 20:17:42 -0600 )edit

Not a real answer, but if you get that with a default config file, keep trying. On my side I sometimes have to launch rviz 5-10 times before it starts up without a segfault.

autonomy gravatar image autonomy  ( 2013-12-23 05:29:06 -0600 )edit