Specifying a trajectory for a quadrotor simulated in Gazebo [closed]

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Hi everybody, as the title states I'm simulating a quadrotor in gazebo and I want it to follow a circular trajectory. In the quadrotor model file it's written:

> This robot will subscribe the following nodes, according to the
>     selected control input
>        /${model_name}/input/position   (if <selectInput>position</selectInput>)
>          this is a six value vector (geometry_msgs/Twist) containing current
>          and desired position coordinates (x, y, z, x_des, y_des, z_des).
>          You can test this type of input by executing rotopic on a terminal:
>          rostopic pub /quad1/input/position geometry_msgs/Twist
>          '{linear: {x: X_CUR, y: Y_CUR, z: Z_CUR}, angular: {x: X_DES, y: X_DES, z: >Z_DES}}'

but this command only allows to specify a point in space to reach, is there a way to force the quadrotor to follow a given trajectory??

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