How to write depth image to a bag right. [closed]

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Hi all,

I already asked a related question regarding a problem by using the RGBDslam package with a self recorded bag file.

Main idea is to write back saved depth and rgb images from a kinect to a bag file and use this bagfile as input for the RGBDslam.

The color images are stored as 640×480 8-bit RGB images in PNG format.
The depth maps are stored as 640×480 16-bit monochrome images in PNG format.

But My self-written bag file is displayed totally different as the original bag file when using as a input. I think the problem lies in the saving and re-conversion to a sensor_msgs of the depth map. I uploaded some Images to explain the problem a little bit better to here

There are three screenshots. In every screenshot is the RGBDslam gui plus the window from image_view dispalying the same depth map. When I playback the original reference bag file everything works and the image_view and the RGBDslam display of the depth map are identical. When I playback my own bag file these two are significantly different.

Short: I write data to a bag file but when dispalying it it looks different and I have no idea why! please help

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