error spawning sdf models in gazebo under ROS groovy [closed]

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When trying to spawn a sdf model in Gazebo 1.2, I get the following errors:

Error [] Unknown URI prefix[models/static_sphere.sdf]

Error [] Unable to download model[models/static_sphere.sdf]

Error [] Invalid model manifest file[/manifest.xml]

Error [] Unable to read sdf file.

I am running Ubuntu 12.04 with ROS groovy, Gazebo 1.2.5.

I set up the variables with: source /path/gazebo-1.2/

The paths in the manifest.xml file look like this:

gazebo gazebo_media_path="${prefix}"

gazebo plugin_path="${prefix}/lib"

Do I have to set up other path variables in the ROS package?

Thanks, Andrei

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