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Bumpers/contact sensors broken in Gazebo (Fuerte)?

asked 2012-11-26 18:24:12 -0600

Elizabeth C gravatar image

Does ANYONE have contact sensors working with Gazebo and Fuerte? If so, how did you get them working? I have sensors defined in the urdf of my model (and all the links have <collision> blocks), and the topics for the sensors are being advertised, but whenever I try to subscribe to the topics, I get a variation on this each clock cycle I'm subscribed to the topic:

Error [] Contact Sensor[sensor_name] has no collision[link_name_geom]

At least part of the issue seems to have been fixed (Gazebo bitbucket issue 141), but I don't think the fix has made it to the released version yet. Also, issue 244 might still create problems, and a comment on issue 141 makes it sound like the bumper plugin might have problems as well. (Sorry about the lack of real links.)

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1 Answer

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answered 2012-11-26 22:02:53 -0600

joseescobar60 gravatar image

Hello, is a problem with the gazebo on fuerte, read this thread, but in this momment is better to wait for the update of the gazebo to the version 1.6.7... i'm having the same problem.. succes!

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