Simulating turtlebot amcl with gazebo and rviz [closed]

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Hi, i'm doing a project for a robotic's course in my university. I'm firstly interested in simulating the turtlebot with gazebo, in order to create a map, and then to carry out the localization using amcl. I don't have a real turtlebot robot, my purpose is only to simulate it with gazebo and rviz. I was able to do the map, by following this tutorial:


It works entirely, except the command "move_base": even if the node is present in the rxgraph, by drawing the arrow in rviz with the 2D nav Goal button, the robot doesn't move. In order to move the robot loaded in gazebo, I had to launch the keyboard_teleop.launch. Is there any mode to make the move_base working in rviz?

However, this isn't my main problem. Now that i've the map, I would like to test the amcl, so i looked inside the folder turtlebot_apps, and i found a launch called amcl_demo.launch, but i don't know how to connect it with the turtlebot and rviz, to actually see the robot and the particle used by the amcl algorithm.

Thanks in advance.

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