usb_cam package error - Video4linux: frame grabber failed

asked 2023-06-01 04:03:19 -0500

Om Kulkarni gravatar image

I am trying to get the usb_cam package working for the Logitech C270 webcam. The package builds but while running the launch file I get the following output. It seems to be stuck at Video4linux: Setting up auxiliary camera parameters.

Video4linux: Setting up auxiliary camera parameters
^C[usb_cam-2] killing on exit
[ERROR] [1685608442.009837300]: Video4linux: frame grabber failed

Things I have already done:

  1. Set the correct video device by checking v4l2-ctl --list_devices
  2. I have checked using the Cheese Webcam software that the camera indeed works and there is no issue with it
  3. Checked various framerate and image dimensions combinations

I am using ROS Noetic in Ubuntu 20.04 along side usb_cam package and its dependencies

Thanks in advance for all the help

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