Failed to build tree: parent link not found

asked 2021-07-01 13:17:21 -0600

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I have posted the same question in the Gazebo forum aswell but maybe somone here knows the awnser.

'All files can be found in this repository:

I think I know why i get my error but i dont know how to fix it. So within the file 'ur5_robotiq_gripper.urdf.xacro' is a joint called 'robotic_coupler_joint'. This joint's parent link is tool0 from the file 'ur5.urdf.xacro'. As far as I understand it, the file is included with '<xacro:include filename="$(find robotiq_description)/urdf/robotiq_85_gripper.urdf.xacro"/>' Becasue within this file ' <xacro:include filename="$(find ur5_description)/urdf/ur5.urdf.xacro"/>' This is included.

I will add a screenshot of the Terminal error aswell.

I hope someone can help me,

Thanks already! C:\fakepath\Screenshot from 2021-06-28 11-30-34.png

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