Python for ROS1 hardware_interface?

asked 2023-05-02 09:44:09 -0500

sgano gravatar image

Hi there,

This question has been asked but I never saw a concrete answer as to why ROS hardware_interface cannot be implemented with python.

To my understanding from the wiki, you could theoretically implement a python version with rospy that starts the correct nodes (e.g. robotJointStates/) and then remap them appropriately in the launch file. After that, ros_control would be able to interface with the nodes and execute cartesian controllers.

Can someone explain whether this is correct, and if not, why?

A follow up question would be, since interfaces like ros_control are really C++ libraries, how would that be described within the ROS framework, e.g. is a driver ROS compatible by simply having a few nodes/services/actions even if they don't follow standard ROS conventions? (example: a robot arm and manipulator that does not implement ros_control and could not function with MoveIt). At that point I imagine it's something analogous to using tcp/ip but not http....

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