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Change Gazebo Default Robot pose

asked 2023-01-17 09:20:10 -0600

Infraviored gravatar image

Dear Community,

my UR10 robot in gazebo starts in a very bad initial orientation which makes it really hard to plan out of. Therefore i want to change the initaial configuration.

i start the simulation using the launchfile:


  <arg name="limited" default="true" doc="limit the joints"/>
  <arg name="pipeline" default="pilz_industrial_motion_planner" /> <!-- ompl for normal operation and pilz_industrial_motion_planner for the industrial-->

  <!--bring up ur10 robot in gazebo-->
  <include file="$(find ur_gazebo)/launch/ur10_bringup.launch"/>
    <!--No 'limited' in ur10 bringup arg name="limited" value="$(arg limited)"/-->

  <!--delay, not necessary-->
  <node pkg="timed_roslaunch" type="" args="3 $(find ur10_moveit_config)/launch/ur10_moveit_planning_execution_sim.launch pipeline:=$(arg pipeline)" name="timed_roslaunch" output="screen" />

  <!--run configuration package for moveit motion planning-->
  <!--include file="$(find ur10_moveit_config)/launch/ur10_moveit_planning_execution_sim.launch"/-->

  <!--A dome shape trajectory moving around the part to be recorded-->
  <!--node name="move_node" pkg="fmp_move_traj" type="" output="screen"/-->

  <!--An action for dataset recording-->
  <!--node name="pipelime_node" pkg="fmp_pipelime_dataset" type="" output="screen"/-->


i suspect this means i must modify the ur10_bringup.launch. Which looks like: <launch>

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1 Answer

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answered 2023-01-20 04:38:51 -0600

aarsh_t gravatar image

I assume you are using moveit for the manipulation. And you are on simulation not on the actual robot

This launch file has nothing to do with the robot's initial position.

There can be several solutions,

  • Change the initial orientation in the urdf file.
  • Change the initial/home position while making a moveit package.
  • May be the easiest one is to move the robot in the joint space programmatically to the desired joint orientation before staring the actual planning. Link for python exampleand link for the cpp example. (This works for the actual robot as well)
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