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AMR with mecanum wheels on ROS2 Galactic and Nav2 - stuttering motion & "mousing" around a straight path

asked 2022-11-23 16:51:58 -0600

ljaniec gravatar image


I have an open question about the possible sources of the scenario mentioned in the title.

My AMR has mecanum wheels and can move omnidirectionally. It has Ubuntu 20.04 and ROS2 Galactic installed as OS in a quite powerful ADlink ROScube, I use Nav2 stack for navigation. I'm having trouble getting the robot to move along straight paths like the picture below:

image description

You can see that the robot crosses the path at an angle, and then more than compensates for the difference. What could be the reason(s) for this?

  • Lack of processor power to calculate everything in time? (low probability)
  • Maybe the frequency of the controller is too low?
  • Maybe it's something with the wheels (but the teleop is working properly...)?

Any hints are welcome!



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can you kindly provide more info about your controller.

Davies Ogunsina gravatar image Davies Ogunsina  ( 2022-11-27 06:48:30 -0600 )edit

1 Answer

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answered 2022-11-25 18:48:29 -0600

You could be due to any these factors. You need to use a local trajectory planner tuned appropriately for your application. Certainly running a controller too slow could cause this - or the controller is poorly tuned. We’d need more info on your algorithms and configurations

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In 2 weeks I will have the opportunity to lay hands on this robot again, I will give more information then

ljaniec gravatar image ljaniec  ( 2022-11-26 10:43:17 -0600 )edit

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