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Is there a way to constrain move_arm paths to specific orbits or hemispheres? I've seen the pose constraints and path constraints but these don't seem to accomplish what I'm looking to do. My scene has a robot with two 7-DOF arms that are mounted up and down about a half meter away from each other with some sensors between them. The IK works fairly well and move arm works okay but still has some collisions.

The problems occur when my arms bends inward on the robot causing the arm to collide with the sensors between the arms or the path taken to a pose causes one arm to pass directly through the other arm. To simplify the robot's movement I would like to constrain the arms to certain orbits outside of the robot so the eventual approach comes from the outside or the top, but not the inside. Or I could constrain the right arm to the right hemisphere and left arm to the left hemisphere.

Using the pose constraints I could push back all seven joints and constrain them but I feel this would severely limit the IK results when a valid pose is possible. After mulling around some ideas, I'm starting to think I would have to write my own IK solver that would have to take the hemisphere into consideration.


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