SBC for SLAM with LiDAR and multiple realsense depth cameras

asked 2022-11-09 00:43:10 -0500

Hi all,

Working on a project with that will integrate LiDAR (Hesai XT32) and multiple (4-8) Intel Realsense cameras. The platform is a small/medium drone with a 1-2kg payload. Choosing a single-board computer (SBC) has been a difficult task because of the balancing act involving weight, power consumption, and compute power. Basic research has shown low-cost options including the LattePanda, Nvidia Jetson, UDOO Bolt or X86 Ultra, and the Odyssey X86J4102864.

The Intel NUC line seems to be the most appealing but has a higher price tag. Linked here:

Is there anyone with experience on a project like this? Having an estimate on RAM requirements would be very helpful. A minimum of 8 GB seems reasonable, but running SLAM with input from the LiDAR system and 4-8 Realsense cameras may throw off this estimation.

Thank you!

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