Playing a ROS2 bag in reverse order

asked 2022-09-30 10:36:36 -0600

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Hi all,

Firstly, as this is my first post, I'll take the opportunity to thank everyone involved in the development of ROS2 for such an awesome bit of gear. ROS2 is simply brilliant!

Back to my question: Is it possible to play a ROS2 bag in reverse chronological order? The reason for this question is as follows:

I have a bot controlled wirelessly via a DS5 controller, powered by a Pi 4B that talks to a Roboclaw 2x30A. One of my ROS2 subscribers listens to the /joy topic, processes the input and sends the appropriate commands to the Roboclaw 2x30A controller to drive the motors. All works fine. The encoder information for each wheel received back from the Roboclaw 2x30A controller is also received and published, via another topic, using my own simple msg structure. All data published on ROS2 is recorded in a bag of multiple topics.

Is there a way to play this ROS2 bag, in reverse chronological order, such that a bot like mine, can back-track its path?

I appreciate that the encoders can't take various issues into considerations but for my means, this is not an issue.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!


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