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ROS BAG Format - Wiki Spec. Error?

asked 2011-12-10 04:01:06 -0600

LeeL gravatar image

Hi folks,

I believe there is an error in the ROS Bag 2.0 format specification on the wiki (at the time of this post, page rev 21, last edited 2010-07-08):

The wiki states that data portion of the index data record consists of repeated occurences of:
time - 8 bytes
chunk_pos - 8 bytes
offset - 4 bytes

However, when my bag file (ROSBAG V2.0, with data_index records that show ver=1) is parsed this way, the number of messages of this size (20 bytes) is larger than the data_len field in the record preamble. Also, looking at the source code, in the file bag.cpp at:
the function readConnectionIndexRecord200 shows the following code:
read((char) &sec, 4);
) &nsec, 4);
read((char*) &index_entry.offset, 4);

which appears to indicate that time is 8 bytes, there is no chunk position, and the offset is 4 bytes. When interpreted this way, the number_messages of this size equals the data_len value from the record preamble.

I certainly could be wrong, but it looks like the wiki should be updated to reflect this.

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answered 2013-09-06 13:36:24 -0600

tfoote gravatar image
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