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Hi everyone, no matter what direction I turn the turtlebot (left or right) on the gmapping demo while visualizing in Rviz the robot always turns right completely screwing up the mapping process. Here is a bag file of /tf /scan /odom and /imu. Thanks.

Bag: http://www.mediafire.com/?hut9qwcc55ezds8

To be clear, in reality the robot responds to all teleop twists correctly but if I watch the map being built in Rviz, gmapping thinks the robot only turns one direction. Forward and backward are recorded correctly.

EDIT: When watching /odom from rostopic echo while turning the turtlebot the correct values are reported... while pressing 'j' on the teleop for turn the angular z changes to roughly 2, while pressing 'l' on the teleop, angular z changes to roughly -2. Still having the above problem however.

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