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ROS Navigation Stack

asked 2022-06-10 10:02:06 -0600

Os7 gravatar image

Hello all hope everyone is good.

I am trying to start the navigation process on a real robot that was made from scratch, i am using ROS noetic with Pi, arduino and rplidar with a differential drive robot. I was able to do the basic stuff like moving the robot and creating a map but i cant figure out how to start with the navigation stack, i have read many things about it but none have provided how to actually start. Do i have to install the stack and start from there, are the navigation stack files empty or do i need to only change parameters that fits my robot its very confusing.

I would appreciate any information or referring to a good source where i can know how to start step by step.

And as i just said i red alot about these stuff like the Acml, move_base, TF and all but i cant get my head around where to actually start

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answered 2022-06-10 12:53:03 -0600

Alex-SSoM gravatar image

Check out It's a pretty good introduction.

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