AGV-2DSLAM: is possible to configure to only execute one movement (forward, backward, turn, etc) per cycle in Gazebo/Rviz?

asked 2022-05-17 00:25:07 -0500

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Hello people.

it is possible to move an AGV in SLAM with only one direction or turn at a time (only forward or only turn to one side)? I can configure this on any config file of SLAM? I can do this using a XOR conditional to publish only one data, but I want to simulate this behavior in gazebo and rviz.

Because I have this AGV PLC with a strange kinematics that prevents me from writing two commands at the same time. Like, if I need to go forward, I can go normal, but if I need to turn to one side, the CLP only allows me to do that if I stop the AGV and perform the turn (clock or anti-clockwise) stopped, then it goes back to walking forwards, backwards, etc.

ps.: it's not skid or differential, this AGV has two traction heads with two wheels each one, that work independent for each other. This AGV was originally an industrial tape/line follower and i need to convert to an AMR using ROS.

sorry for my bad english....

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