rqt_console doesn't display messages

asked 2021-04-23 05:11:13 -0500

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this question was posted several times but never got an answer. So I'll try it again.

I'm currently following the ROS-tutorials and had no problems until this point. In Using rqt_console and roslaunch I ran the following commands:

$ rosrun rqt_console rqt_console

$ rosrun rqt_logger_level rqt_logger_level

$ rosrun turtlesim turtlesim_node

After starting turtlesim, there is no message displayed in the rqt_console, but when I refresh the logger it has the node /turtlesim

My setup

Distro: noetic

Ubuntu with xfce on a VM on Windows

Note: I once got the errormessage "WARNING: remote volume monitor with dbus name org.gtk.vfs.udisks2volumemonitor is not supported" but I couldn't replicate it afterwards and I wasn't able to find anything in that regard.

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