ros_control - Simultaneous position and velocity control of joint

asked 2022-04-15 03:35:55 -0500

SimonJ gravatar image

Hello. I am using brushless dc motors to control a robot. The protocol I am using to control the motors take in both a position AND a speed. So whenever I send a command I must specify both, this is really convenient as I can generate a trapezoidal velocity profile to avoid high accelerations and jerky motion of the robot. However I am not sure what controller best achieves this purpose in ROS. If I only use "effort_controllers/JointPositionController" the joints move at the max speed, whereas I want to be able to change the speed as the robot is moving. Is my best option to use 'joint_trajectory_controller' for this purpose? I would like to avoid having to implementing interpolation in my scripts. Hope someone can help. Thanks!

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