Can I use Moveit with IKFAST plugin to control a 7 DOF arm as if it is 6 DOF?

asked 2022-03-14 04:15:37 -0600

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Hello, ros community,

I have a 7 DOF arm, and there is a need to control only 6 joints of it for faster planning time.

I managed to generate the IKFAST plugin for the arm (considering 6 DOF) and one joint as a free_index that can be set during planning time.

I wanted to generate a Moveit config package for the arm considering only 6 DOF as well. When setting the move group in Moveit's setup assistant, I did not add the joint to the move group.

image description

However, that joint showed up in the tab used for defining named robot poses.

image description

And the expected error about the mismatch between the IKFAST joints and the robot joints follows when I try to launch the robot.


  1. Can I ignore a specific joint (at the middle of the urdf chain) in Moveit's setup assistant?

  2. From your experience, is it possible to control a 7DOF arm as a 6DOF using Moveit and IKFAST solver?

Thank you!

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