SW2URDF 2021 Incorrect Coordinate Transforms

asked 2022-03-09 11:54:51 -0500

I've created a number of URDF file packages for my software team using my simplified solidworks models, and have never had an issue. That was with SW2017 and SW2018. I'm now using SW2021 with the latest URDF package, and the values of some of my coordinate transforms are off, including extra rotations and values that are near pi but off by a few degrees.

Hand calcs and using a SW coordinate transform macro confirm the values should be simple, and when entering those values into the urdf file we get a correct software model of our robot.

Wondering if anyone else is seeing this issue? Attached images show the coordinate frames where the error is occurring, along with the URDF file of the joints, and the calculated translation matrices using the SW macro.

The coordinate frames for J2 should be rotated -pi/4 about the J1 Y-axis, and that parameter in the urdf is correct. It's the extra values for X and Z that are causing the import errors.

I have images to upload, but not enough points. If an admin wants to give me more, I'll upload and see if we can't resolve this issue, because it's a pretty big deal if the SW2URDF can't correctly calculate coordinate transforms.

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Thanks for posting about the issue. If it is something that has cropped up in the 2021 version, then it's quite possibly an underlying issue with the SolidWorks API (as the code of the exporter hasn't changed in a coupel of years). Would you be willing to file a bug report over at https://github.com/ros/solidworks_urd... and include a simple model that reproduces your issue?

brawner gravatar image brawner  ( 2022-03-09 14:00:35 -0500 )edit