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Pi Pico ROS1/ROS2 odom

asked 2022-01-22 09:57:34 -0500

RobVoi gravatar image

I am building my first ROS robot. I have a Pi Pico with motor controller connceted to a jetson nano to control the wheels and read the encoders. Control of the motor and reading the encoders works with some python code.

I am a bit stuck on where to start from here. I would like to publish the odom message from the Pi Pico. In best case via Micropython + rosserial using ROS1 - as the Jetson Nano is running on Ubuntu 18.04 (could update to use ROS2). Not sure if this way works at all, as I cant find examples for it.

So in general - what is a working way to publish odom from the Pi Pico to the Jetson Nano?

I am glad for every hint on the right direction.

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answered 2022-02-04 16:18:14 -0500

ChuiV gravatar image

I can't speak to any ros1 solution. I've been avoiding it since it's deprecated.

I can speak to using micro-ros and ros2 galactic though. I've been using it with a teensy 4.1 with really good success. With this set-up, I've got the teensy running a bit of ros2 c code, talking to a micro-ros agent on my laptop over the USB port, This makes the microcontroller appear as any other node in the system. Able to publish, subscribe, etc.

Examples I found with micro-ros:

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Asked: 2022-01-22 09:57:34 -0500

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