[autoware.auto]No create cluster button

asked 2022-01-08 02:14:46 -0500

antopolicama gravatar image

When I run @ade:~$ /opt/lgsvl/simulator I get "Failed to establish dbus connectionFound path: /opt/lgsvl/simulator" LGSVL (on ade) opens, I see the button Open Browser but does not work when I press on it and there is not cluster button. How should I operate to solve this issue?

Furthermore, I was following the tutorials from here " https://autowarefoundation.gitlab.io/..." with LGSVL from browser and cluster intalled not in ADE, they worked but the vehicle did not move in Rviz, that's why now I tried to move to running on ADE, do you have any idea why id could have happened? (no errors ever showed)

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