Correct way of using MultiDOFJointState in arm_navigation_msgs/RobotState [closed]

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I'm wondering what the correct way to state a multi-dof joint state in a RobotState.

The obvious way to me seemed to fill out the MultiDOFJointState part of the message with a transformation. However, I have found that RobotStates that I observed also contained joints like "floating_trans_x" in the joint_state part. The values seemed to be exactly the same as in the corresponding MultiDOFJointState. In addition when I tried to call some service filling only MultiDOFJointState it didn't work unless I filled the "floating..." joints.

So, my question is: What would be the correct/intended way of using a RobotState? Fill out both redundant versions or only use MultiDOFRobotState or only use the "floating..." joints?

This is not necessarily the same as "make it work somehow" and fill out everything.

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