depth_image_proc publish rate is very low.

asked 2021-09-08 03:03:49 -0600

vishal@ros gravatar image

updated 2021-10-26 09:14:12 -0600

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we have use the intel camera the inputs rate are the 28 fps, the opute of the depth_registered/camera_info rate is 0.31 fps. we have use the depth_image_proc ros package for this. we have use this command rosrun nodelet nodelet manager __name:=depth_image_proc

then for register depth image rosrun nodelet nodelet load depth_image_proc/register depth_image_proc __name:=nodelet1 rgb/camera_info:=/camera/color/camera_info depth/camera_info:=/camera/depth/camera_info depth/image_rect:=/camera/depth/image_rect_raw

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