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VirtualBox and Turtlebot 3. During RVIZ, unable to contact my own server at

asked 2018-02-01 00:59:54 -0500

Bbybo93 gravatar image

I am using VirtualBox to run LINUX and ROS. The Turtlebot IP address is but my virtualbox ip address is may be due to wired connection to my main OS, Windows)

I would like to use WiFi connection for communication between turtlebot and remote pc. Any idea how to resolve this issue? I'm just this close to achieving SLAM and navigation.

Thank you!

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1 Answer

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answered 2020-04-02 14:24:43 -0500

duck-development gravatar image

you may connect an wifi usb dongel to you pc and use it in the vm. or you configure the VM - Network as Bridged Networking

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