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micro_ros_setup No definition of [python3-vcstool] for OS [osx]

asked 2021-08-06 22:12:49 -0600

Elk_liu gravatar image

I'm tying to install a micro-ROS development on my Macbook (Big sur 11.4) and have run into issues after the following steps:

Update dependencies using rosdep sudo rosdep update rosdep install --from-path src --ignore-src -y

I end up with the error:

ERROR: the following packages/stacks could not have their rosdep keys resolved to system dependencies: micro_ros_setup: No definition of [python3-vcstool] for OS [osx]

My python version is Python 3.9.6. ROS2 version is Foxy Can anyone help with this issue?

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I also checked ros/rosdistro/rosdep/python.yaml it appears there is indeed no key for osx:

python3-vcstool: alpine: [vcstool] debian: pip: packages: [vcstool] fedora: [python3-vcstool] gentoo: pip: packages: [vcstool] macports: pip: packages: [vcstool] ubuntu: [python3-vcstool]

Anyone knows how to fix this issue?

Elk_liu gravatar image Elk_liu  ( 2021-08-06 22:21:23 -0600 )edit

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answered 2021-08-09 00:48:56 -0600

Pablogs gravatar image

micro-ROS build system is not supported in Mac OS

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