T265 calibrated parameters cannot rectify images

asked 2021-07-21 02:17:58 -0500

MaxJJH gravatar image

Hello Guys, I am new to ROS and Cameras. At present, I am using realsense T265 camera practicing the camera calibration process using the pre-inserted calibration parameters in T265 as a benchmark. I am runing ROS-Melodic on Ubuntu 18.04

The true problem is that, no matter how hard I tried to calibrate the camera (Using the ROS calibration package, At this moment I only focus on a single fisheye camera) including using different sizes of checkerboards, calibrating in various locations even making the four bars (X,Y,Size, Skew) in the calibration window, the final computed parameters still cannot provide a great rectification results. I am wondering whether I have missed something important in this calibration? Or Just I need to calibrate again and again until the self-calibrated parameters are nearly identical to the pre-calibrated ones?

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