Limitations of visualizing a topic in rviz

asked 2021-07-09 03:33:15 -0500

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Many of us would have observed this phenomenon while publishing topics in ros. One of the simplest and effective way of visualizing the topics is through Rviz. It will all be smooth and great to see the values as long as the values are continuously published, my this I mean there is always some data being published all the time. But when we have conditional publish, i.e publishing a topic based on a condition and when the condition is not met, the rviz seems to have this data stored in the buffer and this results in the data being seen / the topic being published as observed in the rviz, even though it is actually not. This becomes hard for visualizing and troubleshooting. Is there any way we can control this, by something like publishing a null value or something so that the rviz is able to display nothing when the condition is not met ?

thanks in advance.

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