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Localization method in [closed]

asked 2021-05-06 01:44:02 -0500

meng100 gravatar image

Hi all,

According to autoware wiki,

Localization depends on 3D high-definition map data and the NDT algorithm. The result of Localization is complemented by the Kalman Filter algorithm, using odometry information obtained from CAN messages and GNSS/IMU sensors.

My question is:

How to fully enable and run this state-of-the-art localization method from runtime manager? (I'm using docker 1.14.0)

(As for Apollo, the localization module clearly states that 2 localization methods are provided, namely RTK and MSF, and in each of them you can find instructions of how to run them, which can be found here)

If we follow this tutorial from LGSVL's documentation, what kind of localization method is being used if we run quick start from runtime manager? Is the localization module fully enabled?

Appreciate any sharing or opinions, thanks in advance!

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answered 2021-05-12 18:12:20 -0500

JoloGermanAg gravatar image

To run the localization you can go to the computing tab and enable ndt_matching and configure as desired. It requires that you have an apriori map loaded under the "Map" tab.

The LGSVL tutorial appears to run the Demo files, which references ndt_matching.launch which you can find here: file

It only uses the GNSS (GPS) and ndt_matching but not odometry or imu for localization.

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Thanks for your awesome reply. I've read through the launch file, here is my doubt: how should I check if use_gnss is working?

meng100 gravatar image meng100  ( 2021-05-19 02:38:05 -0500 )edit

Sorry for the late reply - I am not sure how to check if it is working in the matching node but as along as you have some gps topic that's being published in your system you should be good.

JoloGermanAg gravatar image JoloGermanAg  ( 2021-06-21 10:11:53 -0500 )edit

Alright, thanks man

meng100 gravatar image meng100  ( 2021-06-23 03:01:46 -0500 )edit

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