failure of mission planning when running autoware with lgsvl

asked 2020-02-19 20:35:42 -0600

zhongzzy9 gravatar image

I followed the instruction at

Everything seems to work fine until I try to mark a destination by clicking '2D Nav Goal' and clicking at the destination and dragging along the road direction.

The route won't appear and the error message looks like the following:

PlannerH -> Plan (A) Failed, Trying Plan (B). Can't Generate Global Path for Start (X:0.100595295429, Y:0.281848877668, Z:-1.68316435814, A:2.88284318799 Lon:0, Lat:0, Alt:0, Dir:0 ) and Goal (X:-37.822781427, Y:13.4910821915, Z:0, A:2.85012960434 Lon:0, Lat:0, Alt:0, Dir:0 )

Can anyone give me some hints on it? Thanks!

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