Need advice on remote camera installation

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Hello everyone, I have two computers running ROS. One is my local and one is my remote. The remote has a node that publishes 4 image topics at 30 Hz on the local's master.

The two computers are connected with direct Ethernet on dedicated lan cards.

I wrote a camera driver that publishes compressed images (without using the image transport) as well as calibration data so the topics look like that :

  • /[a-d]/image_raw/compressed
  • /[a-d]/camera_info

I have to publish compressed images only because the raw images are maxing out the Ethernet bandwidth. So it makes no sense for me to use the image transport that would totally ruin the link if something subscribes to image_raw.

I then later uncompress the images on the local with the following command :
rosrun image_transport republish compressed in:=/[a-d]/image_raw/compressed out:=/[a-d]/repub//image_raw

  • Is it the right way of doing this ?
  • How would you proceed to get a clean setup, what would you change ?

Thanks !

Bonus question : Any advice for the extrinsic calibration ?

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