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Synchronizer and image_transport::Subscriber

asked 2011-04-12 01:17:11 -0500

Enrique gravatar image

Does message_filters::Synchronizer< POLICY > support image_transport::Subscriber?

As far as I've tried, it only supports message_filters::Subscriber, which is what I'm using now (following ).

Probably, using image_transport::Subscriber doesn't bring any advantage over message_filters::Subscriber!?

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So, if I understand well, what you want to do is change the synchronization policy for a image_transport::Subscriber. Is that right?
raphael favier gravatar image raphael favier  ( 2011-04-12 03:23:10 -0500 )edit
No. I'll give an example: I've two image_transport::Publisher in one node, so in another node I want to get those images synchronized. I've found that if you use image_transport::Subscriber, you cannot use message_filters::Synchronizer or any similar. Sorry if I've not explained well.
Enrique gravatar image Enrique  ( 2011-04-12 07:48:56 -0500 )edit
I see. You want to synchronize two image topics. I never tried that so I cannot be really helpful here. Check, especially Patrick's comment. Maybe it will help. Can you post your solution if you find one?
raphael favier gravatar image raphael favier  ( 2011-04-15 03:33:56 -0500 )edit
Yes, it seems to be the way to do it. I'll follow the API (, and post the solution if it works. Thanks for the hint!
Enrique gravatar image Enrique  ( 2011-04-15 07:10:46 -0500 )edit

1 Answer

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answered 2011-04-16 01:40:32 -0500

Enrique gravatar image

According to Patrick's comment we can use image_transport::SubscriberFilter (see the Code API). Indeed, it's encourage over message_transport::Subscriber< sensor_msgs::Image >. Thanks Raphael, for your help.

In the next code snippet we have a possible implementation. The macro USE_IMAGE_TRANSPORT_SUBSCRIBER_FILTER allows to switch between both approaches.

#include <ros/ros.h>
#include <image_transport/image_transport.h>
#include <message_filters/synchronizer.h>
#include <message_filters/sync_policies/approximate_time.h>


#  include <image_transport/subscriber_filter.h>
#  include <sensor_msgs/Image.h>
#  include <message_filters/subscriber.h>

class MyClass {
  MyClass() :
    orig_image_sub_( it_, "image/orig", 1 ),
    warp_image_sub_( it_, "image/warp", 1 ),
    orig_image_sub_( nh_, "image/orig", 1 ),
    warp_image_sub_( nh_, "image/warp", 1 ),
    sync( MySyncPolicy( 10 ), orig_image_sub_, warp_image_sub_ )
    sync.registerCallback( boost::bind( &MyClass::callback, this, _1, _2 ) );

  void callback(
    const sensor_msgs::ImageConstPtr& orig_msg,
    const sensor_msgs::ImageConstPtr& warp_msg
    // your code here

  ros::NodeHandle nh_;
  image_transport::ImageTransport it_;

  typedef image_transport::SubscriberFilter ImageSubscriber;
  typedef message_filters::Subscriber< sensor_msgs::Image > ImageSubscriber;

  ImageSubscriber orig_image_sub_;
  ImageSubscriber warp_image_sub_;

  typedef message_filters::sync_policies::ApproximateTime<
    sensor_msgs::Image, sensor_msgs::Image
  > MySyncPolicy;

  message_filters::Synchronizer< MySyncPolicy > sync;

int main(int argc, char** argv) {
  ros::init( argc, argv, "my_node" );
  MyClass mc;

  while( ros::ok() ){

  return EXIT_SUCCESS;

Note that you can syncrhonize more messages (even of other type) by extending the message_filters::sync_policies::ApproximateTime< ... > template class.

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Please, mark as answered if you find it correct. Otherwise, let me know and I'll try to check and fix the problem. Thanks all!
Enrique gravatar image Enrique  ( 2011-04-16 01:47:59 -0500 )edit

This works. Note that, as I realized first-hand after hours of debugging, it is indeed compulsory to make the sync object a member object, i.e. not a temporary. Otherwise, there is no compilation time error or warning, but your callback never gets called. Even though there is no default constructor.

brice rebsamen gravatar image brice rebsamen  ( 2012-02-28 14:27:56 -0500 )edit

If you make it a temporary it gets destroyed when it leaves its context, so there's no longer a callback registered; same happens if you register callbacks for subscribers, or even other stuff like timers.

Enrique gravatar image Enrique  ( 2012-02-28 18:54:40 -0500 )edit

You are missing CameraInfoConstPtr for image_transport right?

tanasis gravatar image tanasis  ( 2017-06-13 08:14:54 -0500 )edit

@tanasis I'm using an image_transport::SubscriberFilter, so it's only for an image, not a camera. You also use a CameraSubscriber, in which case you get the Image and the CameraInfo messages synchronized.

Enrique gravatar image Enrique  ( 2019-03-11 09:17:39 -0500 )edit

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