3D outdoor navigation - How?

asked 2021-04-18 11:47:25 -0600

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Hi guys,

I am relatively new to ROS melodic. I have built a Sawppy Rover and would like to use it to create a 3D map of my garden and then have it navigate. I want to click somewhere in the map in RVIZ and then have it go there. It should just be for me to experiment and have fun.

For the rover, there is an ROS implentation from Rhys Mainwaring. He uses a lidar and gmapping to navigate in 2D. However, I want 3D navigation so I looked at ORB-SLAM2 and also installed it on the rover. I am currently using a Logitech USB camera. ORB_SLAM2 is also running and I can create a PoinCloud.

At this point I am unfortunately stuck. I guess there is the possibility to create a 3D map somehow with Octomap or SkiMap. However, I am afraid that as a ROS beginner I will quickly reach my limits. Besides, I don't know if the way with the mono camera and the Orb-Slam2 doesn't eat too much resources. (I use a Jetson Nano).

What do you think? Should I continue with ORB-SLAM2 and the USB camera or rather use another sensor. It would be good if there are already ready implementations and I don't have to program so much myself.

There are also the Intel RealSense cameras? Are these better suited for 3D navigation or easy to implement?

I would be happy about every hint to bring the rover and me on the right way :-)

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