Apriltag_ros package in ROS noetic. Launch file: can't locate node.

asked 2021-03-28 14:35:51 -0500

KOH2008 gravatar image

I am currently working on a tracking project, and I am planning to use the April Tags. I have been following tutorial (apriltag_ros & apriltag). However, I am having errors (mentioned below) and unable to fix it. Can anyone help resolve this issue? I'd greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

The installation went pretty smoothly by changing only one command: "catkin build" --> "catkin_make_isolated". Following this, I also used the "source devel_isolated/setup.bash" instead of the regular devel. When running the launch file "continuous_detection.launch", I get an error saying "apriltag_ros_continuous_node" cannot be located. specifically the following. ERROR: cannot launch node of type [apriltag_ros/apriltag_ros_continuous_node]: can't locate node [apriltag_ros_continuous_node] in package [apriltag_ros]

A similar problem thread was shown in this question. The difference is that the link was running on Kinetic, while I am running on Noetic. Although apriltag_ros has been said to be released in Noetic few months ago (Oct '20), I still suspect that this might be the issue. Please let me know ideas to fix this issue other than reinstalling Ubuntu & ROS Melodic/Kinetic. Thank you!

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