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md5sum issue when calling service from Python

asked 2021-03-20 01:24:21 -0500

cambel07 gravatar image


I have a problem when I try to call a Trigger service from Python. There is a service call /ur_hardware_interface/dashboard/program_state of the Universal Robots Driver, I can successfully call the service using the terminal rosservice call /ur_hardware_interface/dashboard/program_state. However when I try to call the service using a simply Python script, it fails

import rospy
from std_srvs.srv import Trigger, TriggerRequest

check_connection = rospy.ServiceProxy('/ur_hardware_interface/dashboard/program_state', Trigger)

req = TriggerRequest()
res = check_connection(req)
print("Check connection", res)

I get the following error message:

rospy.service.ServiceException: unable to connect to service: remote error reported: client wants service /ur_hardware_interface/dashboard/program_state to have md5sum 937c9679a518e3a18d831e57125ea522, but it has 522d35a6f2ebd9702cb1e33489e1aa96. Dropping connection.

The universal robot driver is compiled from source in my catkin_ws, it is up-to-date, and has no modifications. The service and the client are running on the same PC so I don't really understand, though just in case I rebuild my catkin_ws but it does not change anything. Additionally, other services published by the Universal Robots Driver do work without problem from the Python script

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1 Answer

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answered 2021-03-20 02:13:20 -0500

gvdhoorn gravatar image

updated 2021-03-20 02:15:56 -0500

As you can see in the documentation (here), the dashboard/program_state service is not of type std_srvs/Trigger, but type ur_dashboard_msgs/GetProgramState.

You cannot call that service with a std_srvs/TriggerRequest, and the MD5 mismatch error is correct.

You can verify this by running rosservice type /ur_hardware_interface/dashboard/program_state (or rosservice info ... for more information).

Many services offered by that node actually use types other than Trigger, see again the documentation.

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I see, thank you!

cambel07 gravatar image cambel07  ( 2021-03-20 02:17:34 -0500 )edit

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