Sometimes rotate in place at the corner

asked 2021-03-17 22:10:09 -0600

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My robot is planning path and controlling velocity with move_base.
In many cases, it seems to be working properly.
However, there were times when it suddenly started rotating in place.

This problem does not occur when driving in a straight corridor, but only in 90 degree right angle corner.
Furthermore, after several experiments, I found out that it does not always happen, but sometimes it does and sometimes it does not.

What we know is as follows.

  • The place where it occurs is fixed.
  • There are times when it does not occur, even in places where it does occur.
  • The self-position estimation using amcl shows a plausible result.
  • The global path outputs a nice curve to the goal at the end of the corner.

I don't know how to investigate this problem, and I would like to ask for some hints.

Thanks in advance.

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