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asked 2012-06-26 05:21:23 -0500

BeuBeu gravatar image

Hi, I discovered rosbridge and rosjs several months ago. Today, parsing ros packages, I discovered rosjs_remotelabwidgets. Is it new ? Does it work only for the pr2 or for other platform ? What does it contain? Sincerely, BeuBeu

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answered 2012-07-10 13:00:01 -0500

Hi BeuBeu,

The remote lab project has a number of cool widgets to do with robot visualization and control. However, some of these are written in a manner that makes them difficult to reuse. There is a current effort (within the last few weeks) at Bosch and Willow to begin to modularise many of the web components that we have til now written. We are not writing new widgets per se, but they are being split up so it should make it a lot easier for people to, for example, throw on a PR2 visualization onto their web page.

With regards to the robots that they work for - that's on a per-widget basis. Some of the widgets, such as the simple joystick widget, merely publish to a particular topic. Other widgets are clearly PR2 specific, such as the PR2 visualization. This will only work if it's receiving PR2 info on the /tf topic.

The best places to keep up to date are the following:

  • We are working on a new, industrial-strength rosbridge, that will be released with first-class support from Willow. is a good place to keep up to date for news regarding the release schedule and protocol enhancements

  • This is where the heavyweight ros.js and javascript widgets will be mostly hosted.

  • rosbridge conf. call: There is a weekly conference call for interested parties. If you wish to contribute to the effort, then you're very welcome to join!

  • ROSDojo: Many of the Brown ROS web interfaces can be found in the experimental/ROSDojo project in the brown-ros-pkg

There will be a few announcements towards the end of the summer relating to rosbridge, rosjs, and javascript widgets.



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