how to connect to ROS from a non-ROS pc without using a browser or JavaScript ?

asked 2019-07-15 02:29:17 -0500

mmp52 gravatar image

How can I establish connection with rosbridge with a windows pc without using ROS# or a html file? I already have a front end and I am able to create json messages but I just want to send them to my robot. I will open a UDP node in my robot but I do not know how to transfer commands between the robot and PC without rosbridge's rosjs library. I already have a c# GUI and I want to keep it same. Backend creates JSONs as I want to according to entries in GUI. I know that rosbridge server can open a UDP websocket in ROS running robot but I do not know how to convert JSON to ROS and act as I want without using js, all rosbridge documentation is for using a javascript interface and I do not want that. Also I have checked the Rossharp package (by siemens) but it only has a websocket, it does not have an UDP node yet. I just want a walkaround to rosjs and using a html file while keeping rosbridge.

By the way I use ROS Kinetic running on ubuntu 16.04 for one pc and debian stretch for a raspberry pi, I want to connect them to my Windows 10 pc via Rosbridge UDP node and I will send JSON commands that are created on c# backend according to user entries in frontend.

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