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how to publish kinect laser scan 2d image in a browser

asked 2012-08-12 07:59:50 -0600

Atom gravatar image

updated 2012-08-15 22:14:25 -0600

jbohren gravatar image

Hello.. I am interested in publishing a kinect laser scan in a browser to be broadcast over the internet. Something that is close to a player laser scan image or a rviz 2dnav image would be perfect. I am currently using WebUi to control my turtlebot with button control for cmd_vel and a video cam feed to view the environment. But I would like to transmit the kinect 2dnav scan like in rviz to get a idea of where I might be in a saved map with a view of the current laser scan in the browser. I was thinking about a screen image broadcast of the rviz window in place of a webcam image but I hope that someone on here might be able to point me to better solution.

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2 Answers

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answered 2012-08-14 03:56:12 -0600

jbohren gravatar image

rosjs / rosbridge are probably your best bet. This uses javascript to talk to a ROS master over the internet. There's a barebones tutorial on how to use the rosbridge visualization stuff here that can probably get you started:

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Thanks Jonathan for the reply... I have known about rosjs and all the cool features coming out of the stack. But was intimidated on approaching it on my own but now seems like a better time than ever. Your link is definitely the place to start, do you know of any good examples that might be useful?

Atom gravatar image Atom  ( 2012-08-15 20:21:31 -0600 )edit

You can probably look at wviz: Unfortunately, their tutorials appear to be hollow.

jbohren gravatar image jbohren  ( 2012-08-15 22:14:03 -0600 )edit

answered 2012-09-03 03:56:56 -0600

BeuBeu gravatar image

updated 2012-09-03 23:35:58 -0600

Hi guys,
Concerning, this link.
I can't find some JavaScript files used in this tutorial. Especially them concerning the visualization. They are not included in rosbridge nor wviz packages. I can't find them on rosbridge website
Are they obsolete ? Where can i find the last version?
By the way, how can I display my pointcloud from ROS messages in my webpage using java script language. Thanks,

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HI BeuBeu, I am not sure which files you are referring to. But I would start a new question on this topic as you may fair better results from a larger audience. If I get to the rosjs_tutorials I will reply with any of my own issues or successes.

Atom gravatar image Atom  ( 2012-09-05 07:38:56 -0600 )edit

Also did you look here for code and insight into action services in rosjs?

Atom gravatar image Atom  ( 2012-09-05 07:49:51 -0600 )edit

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