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Getting laser scan intensity values from RVIZ

asked 2021-02-22 10:24:36 -0500

ymanian gravatar image

updated 2021-04-26 09:12:44 -0500

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I'm trying to get intensity values being returned via the sensor_msgs/LaserScanmessage. I am using RViz to visualize this data and I found that the display RGB value is being computed off the intensities being returned from this link:

I am trying to get the intensities returned in a specific part of the laser scan. I was wondering if there was a way to get that from the RViz visualization (where I already see the RGB points)

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answered 2021-02-23 13:09:20 -0500

ymanian gravatar image

I was able to get the information I needed using the select tool from RVIZ. I was able to publish this information using the selected_points_publisherfound here:

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