Navigation and localization problem with Gmapping and Rplidar (A2M8) on turtlebot2. Also issue with ASTRA camera

asked 2021-02-15 05:39:49 -0500

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I am very new to ROS and working on an Ubuntu 18.04 and ROS Melodic version. I have to enable autonomous navigation of the turtlebot. For this I am using, rplidar A2M8 and kobuki base. I have installed all the turtlebot and kobuki, Slamtec rplidar and hector slam packages. Aim: I now have to build the map of the area, which is not happening despite following the steps instructed on the SLAM Navigation of turtlebot 2 on The "roslaunch turtlebot_navigation gmapping_demo.launch" and "roslaunch turtlebot_rviz_launchers view_navigation.launch" seem to not detect the map. An rviz window with just the turtlebot robot model just appears, with no map building. And on the gmapping_demo.launch terminal, there is an error that says, "No matching device found.... waiting for devices. Reason: std::string openni2_wrapper::OpenNI2Driver::resolveDeviceURI(const string&) @ /tmp/binarydeb/ros-melodic-openni2-camera-0.2.7/src/openni2_driver.cpp @ 631 : Invalid device number 1, there are 0 devices connected." Individually, rplidar works, auto docking happens, kobuki moves with keyop and keyboard_teleop.

But when run together for the gmapping, the map on rviz doesnot work.

Also, when I first ran the Astra camera on the turtlebot, it was able to capture the black and white depth images on the RVIZ. But from then, rpldiar and kobuki and turtlebot have crashed totally. Had to redo them all again. And now, though cloned and saved in workspace, ASTRA camera doesnot work displaying a very huge list of errors on the terminal, when "roslaunch astra_camera astra.launch" is run. Kindly please help. Thank you in advance.

Karishma Thumu

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