Terrain Aided Navigation in ROS

asked 2021-01-14 05:54:21 -0500

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Hello to everyone,

There is a project I have done. The name of the project in literature is "terrain aided navigation". The stage I reached about my project; 1- I have sensors that measure the barometric altitude and ground altitude of the drone. With the difference in height from these sensors, I find the height of the land on which it flew. 2- I prepared DEM data of an area of ​​8X8 square kilometers taken from the real world and added it to my real-scale drone.world file. In addition, I made the center point from the reference latitude and longitude to the center of the real area and when I checked the data I received from the GPS sensor (I will use this data to check the accuracy after the position estimation), I saw that I had the correct land elevation data at the right point. 3- By processing the DEM data I have, I processed the data into excel as Lat, Long and altitude consisting of approximately 86000 data in small interval latitude-longitude. 4- I want to estimate the coordinate by comparing the altitude data I have taken from the differences of the sensors with the height data in excel. 5- I would be glad if you could help me with what I should do after this stage.

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